Acting Instruction and Coaching in Private and Group Classes

Instructor : Leigh Brooks (SAG-AFTRA, AEA)
Contact: 703-303-1612 leighalisonbrooks1@yahoo.com

What I Teach : Instruction in acting for theatre (straight plays and musicals), film and television, commercials, and voice-overs. Coaching for auditions, school or community plays and musicals as well as techniques for speeches, interviews and verbal presentations. I will teach the basics and fundamentals of acting in an approachable and relatable manner. I will give the student an understanding of the business of professional acting and also provide tools and valuable insight into the local scene (and beyond!) as well as assistance in attaining an agent in film, theatre, commercial, print, and television. 

My Philosophy: I am an education-first artist. I truly and passionately believe that knowledge is power and that art (of all mediums) is not only a talent and skill set but a craft that should be studied, dissected, and evaluated. An artist never stops learning and never achieves his/her full potential because there is no limit to what our creative and masterful minds can do. Therefore, it is my desire to inspire, nurture, and provide opportunities for my students, but to also guide them towards valuable educational options for their future as artists….whether they choose this as a profession or hobby.

My Process: In order to gauge progress and track our development together, I have found that dividing the layers of instruction into “stages” helps the student know and understand what specific goals and skill sets we are working towards in each level. Stages 1-III are intended to be 8-lesson sessions. but it is not uncommon to add lessons within each stage if more understanding is needed prior to “graduating” to the next Stage.

Stage I . Introduction to Acting (theatre: including musicals, and film/tv) Stage Presence, Exploring Personal Strengths, Voice and Diction, Breath Support, Memorization Skills, and Beginning Script Analysis.
* For those interested in singing/musicals, the same techniques apply.

Stage II . Script Dissection and Analysis, Beginning Audition Technique.
* For those interested in singing/musicals, the same techniques apply.

Stage III .  Audition technique and Marketing

Stage IV . The Business of Acting: Theatre, Film, VO


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